Help Us


There are three main ways in which you can help us.

Build endowment for the future

Arguably the best of these is to help us build an endowment - that is, a permanent capital fund that will be invested and only the annual returns spent for grantmaking and organisational support. An endowment fund will increase our capacity to help local people and make our organisation sustainable. Funds donated in this way can be for a specific project chosen by the donor or their purpose can be left open, which allows our team to do what they do best – to work with local people to decide on ways to improve communities here. This type of donation is best suited to donors living in Egypt who want to make a substantial investment in the future well-being of Bedouin communities. One of our team will be happy to discuss options with you. Gifts to endowment made in Egypt will be invested according to Islamic principles. If you live outside Egypt, please visit the South Sinai Foundation website.

Emergency help & social welfare
It is hard for us to imagine life without essential services such as electricity, water, transport and health care - but many Bedu can rely on none of these. As a result when trouble strikes - a sudden sickness, a complicated childbirth or an accident, for example - getting help may be impossible or unaffordable. Too often this leads to tragedy. We are often asked to help at short notice - perhaps to fund a costly operation or even an ambulance. Helping people in their time of need will always be a priority for us, and we will welcome with gratitude your help to build our Emergency Fund.

Our Board takes full responsibility for funding the administration of CFSS. This means that your whole donation will be used to benefit Bedouin communities.

Contact us! If you are in Egypt and are planning to make a donation by bank transfer, please email us your details so we can add you to our supporters and honour your wishes.