Welcome to the Community Foundation for South Sinai!

Sustainable help for Bedouin communities.

South Sinai is a beautiful place, rich in history, religion and nature. Bedouin people have lived here for thousands of years, often as nomads in the desert.

But Sinai is not an easy place to live. In the desert, life can be isolated and insecure. Worst affected are Bedouin (Bedu), many of whom lack access to any basic services or employment. With little or no social security to fall back on, many people are struggling to cope with changes brought about by climate change, commercial expansion and political upheaval.

The Community Foundation for South Sinai is a charity that works with Bedu to promote sustainable development in South Sinai. We want lasting benefits for Bedouin communities.

We are a small, largely voluntary organization, made up of British, Egyptian and Bedouin partners. We share a commitment to sustainable, culturally appropriate and environmentally friendly development based on sound research.

Many well-meaning development projects have failed in Sinai because people coming from the outside don't understand the landscape or the needs of its people as well as Bedouin themselves do. We work hard to hear what local people tell us, so we only fund projects that will be really useful and that Bedouin people want.

Please feel free to browse our site: if you have any comments or suggestions, or would like to get involved, we would be happy to hear from you.

You can also find out about our UK partner organization, the South Sinai Foundation

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